Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Pedagogy series. №2019-96-4

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  • Zhetpisbayeva B.A., Zhankina B.Zh., Kostina E.A. Learner autonomy in the context of competence approach in teachingforeign languages
  • Kitibayeva A.K., Aldabayeva G.Zh.The formation of children’s cultural studies as a component of modern primary language education
  • Odintsova S.A., Pestsova A.I. Realization integrative relations in the formation of natural-science concepts for primary school students
  • Burdina Ye. I., Pfeifer N.E., Shcherbakova Ye.P. Professional qualities formation of future psychologists in the learning process
  • Rybalko O.A. Studying numbering of numbers in elementary school with the use of interactive electronic posters
  • Stamgalieva N. Formation of tolerance of students of foreign languages faculty


  • Tleuzhanova G.K., Stanciu N., Тuleubayeva Sh.K. Polylinguality as a condition of preservation of cultural values in a modern society
  • Gorbunova N.A. The modular principle of building an educational program for the training of teachers of computer science in the modernization of modern education
  • Karymsakova A.Zh., Kuttykozhaeva Sh.N., Damekova S.K., Kornilov V.S. Role of algebra and number theory in the professional competence formation of future mathematics teachers
  • Kalkeeva K.R., Kudageldin M.T., Kargapoltseva N.A. Pedagogics of historical memory as a condition for the formation of a communicative culture of students
  • Pfeifer N.E., MukatayevаK.B. Perceptions of education quality in the context of the Bologna process in a regional university
  • Ramazanova A.A., Yernazarova G.I., Turasheva S.K., Karakus M.A. The importance of laboratory work in the formation of research competence of students-biologists
  • Finogenova N.A. Some common steps in exploring language teaching awareness