Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Pedagogy series. №2019-93-1

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  • Zhetpisbaeva B.A., Ospanova A.K., Dyakov D.V. Benefits of the two-way immersion program into language environment in the conditions of trilingual education of Kazakhstan
  • Zhetpisbayeva B.A., Shelestova T.Yu.The Impact of Visualization on Student’s Achievement in learning English language in Primary School
  • Kostina Ye.A., Kokhanover T.A.Elementary level of communicative competence as the aim of teaching English atpreschool stage
  • Odintsova S.A., Garkusha K.G.The implementation of modular construction principle of the educational program in primary school teachers’ vocational training in the context of
  • Khajayeva Zh.B., Stambekova A.S., Drink B.The importance of multilingual education in primary school
  • Zhetpisbayeva B.A., Shalbayeva D.Kh.Problems of foreign language teaching method to children with special educational needs within the inclusive education inKazakhstan
  • Telebayev G.T., Zhilbaev Zh.O., Nauryzbay Zh.Zh.Methodological analysis of the values of the idea «Mangilik El» in the context of application in patriotic education


  • Mukanova S.D.Teachers Professional Development voucher system: organization practice
  • Otynshiyeva M.T., Syrymbetova L.S., Stanciu N.Differentiated teaching is a program that teaches to eliminate academic failure
  • Sarzhanova G.B., Romanenko S.V., Zatineiko А.М.Opportunities of foreign language proficiency on the basis of computertraining programs
  • Taborek J., Syrymbetova L.S., Zhuman A.K.The main concepts of the research «Methodology of adapting the best international practices of bilingual education to the condition of Kazakhstani trilingual education»
  • Tazhenova K.A., Kudussov A.S., Kaztaev R.K., Ibragimova G.K.Model of professional self determination of schoolchildren in the IT-sphere
  • Tleuzhanova G.K., Stanciu N., Mekezhanova A.B.Modeling of Language Training of the Students of Natural Sciences
  • Serik M., Sadvakassova A.K., Kultan J.Development and application of the academic cloud in the process of training future computer science teachers
  • Maigeldieva Sh.M., Arkabayeva D.A. On the issue of professional competence and competency of the educational psychologist
  • Dukembay G.N., Zhaksylyk K.Zh. Gamification as an innovative educational approach to second language learning
  • Jumaniyazova R.K. Grassroots Projects as a model for the globalization of Central Asian traditional music and as a subject of research
  • Jumaniyazova R.K., Ospanova A.M. Analysis of the current situation of the market of creative industries in Kazakhstan